From life to death to life

“It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see.”

Nature informs my work. The world is full of images that stimulate my head and my heart. In painting I hope to also stimulate the viewer’s head and heart as well--creating something that is pleasurable to the eye and engages the mind.

Watercolor and acrylic suit my impatient nature and my desire to be more spontaneous. As I explored watercolor, unexpected things happened that seemed to suggest the constant change in the natural landscape and provided new ideas for future work. Watercolor continues to inform my current acrylic and oil paintings as well as I strive to create a sense of spontaneity, change, and continuity.

Achieving spontaneity means that I often limit the amount of time spent on a painting—they are looser and, therefore, can create a sense of movement or change. My brush strokes, application of paint, and/or a modification of the images also imply change. However, the images always reference the world creating a sense of continuity—a grounding in what can be seen.